Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida

 Daytona Beach

A Reason to fall for Daytona Beach
One can have worldly experience of splendid sprawling beach in Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach achieved unique fame from its 23-mile, 500-foot-wide beach, which served as a speedway in the early days for the automobile. Daytona Beach is considered as one of the few beaches in the world that allow motor vehicles to be driven on its broad, hard-packed sand beach. One can cherish a fascinating and lifetime experience to drive on this beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

Warm Florida weather, fun festivals and events, at attractive rates are some of the best vacation values of the year offered to the tourists, which can be found throughout the Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach is prominently known as the "World Center of Racing". Although the wide stretch of white sandy beach is still the biggest attraction here, the Ocean Center Convention Complex, the new Daytona Beach International Airport, the new Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) golf course, and the Halifax Harbor Marina hail the renaissance, which has been taking place in Daytona Beach over the last several years. Historical sites like the Main Street Pier, the Oceanfront Boardwalk and the Clock Tower in Oceanfront Park add to the appeal to this exciting city. Daytona Beach has overtaken Ft. Lauderdale as the "most happening" place to be during Spring Break.

Along Daytona's Beach side Boardwalk are numerous amusement centers, rides, mini-golf, arcades, and snack bars. A number of disco spots and clubs fill this city with a festive atmosphere - day and night.

Drug Situation
Florida is facing a crucial situation in drugs. It has considered as a prime region for international drug smuggling and money laundering organizations. Cocaine and heroine is the principal illicit drugs transiting to the northeastern United States and Canada.

In Daytona Beach, school students and college people either take drugs or are contemplating starting. According to these people the teens who take drugs use marijuana or pills, often prescription painkillers. The latter are the most popular as they are the cheapest.

Drug Effects
It is observed that the sole cause of the drug addiction is a voice in the user's head that tells him/ her to "Do it!" Long-term consumption of drugs like marijuana, heroine, cocaine, etc. can lead to addiction for some people; that is, they abuse drugs compulsively even though it often interferes with family, school, work, and recreational activities.

The individual looks to drugs or alcohol as the cure for their unwanted feelings and problems. One should always understand that personal problems don't cause addiction; addiction causes personal problems. They are not a remedy for any problem.

The effects of drug abuse are felt on many levels: personal, friends and family, and societal. Individuals, who use drugs and alcohol, experience numerous physical effects due to their addiction. Effects of drug abuse include depression, tolerance, withdrawal, sickness, and sometimes resorting to a life of crime.

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