Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida


A small city for great fun
Backdrop for the 1941 film "Moon over Miami" - and many other cinematic showpieces - Ocala is distinctly beautiful city, thanks to trailing Spanish moss and rolling pastureland. Ocala's beautiful vegetation and pristine water has made this place a favored locale for movie-making since cinema's early days.

Ocala beautifully sits in the middle of Florida horse country and is home to more than 400 farms, many of which are dedicated to thoroughbred breeding and training. As a result, the city has given birth to six Kentucky Derby winners and annually showcases hunting and jumping competitions during the Horse Show in the Sun festival. Flanked by undulating bluegrass fields and lush forests, Ocala offers genteel Southern charm. Although Florida may evoke images of beaches and theme parks, the portion that includes Ocala is more famous as the "Horse Capital of the World." A huge number of horses and of people connected to the industry live in the area and help promote business.

Ocala offers a range of exciting experiences. One of the most intriguing is Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing. A peculiar geographic feature of the area around Ocala is its many natural springs. Endlessly flowing and flawless in water quality, they produce millions of gallons an hour and give rise to many notable rivers. The largest, Silver Springs, is a marvel to behold and has been a tourist attraction for decades. Its waters are so clear that you can effortlessly see 80 feet to the bottom.

Drug Situation

Methamphetamine remains a large problem in the MFD and is the primary drug of concern in Central Florida. The Mexican traffickers have become entrenched in Central Florida. This route is the favorite among the Mexican organizations to move methamphetamine. Apart from the Mexican organizations, clandestine methamphetamine lab seizures have taken an explosive upturn in central Florida, which has resulted in the rise of abuse in Ocala city also.

Cocaine is readily available in multi-kilogram amounts throughout Florida and remains the primary drug of choice among the youngsters and adults too. The Caribbean serves as a major transit zone for cocaine from Central and South America into Florida.

Central Florida has become the primary source of distribution of MDMA and is delivered in personal vehicles. Additionally, "spring break" activities in the Panhandle are a prime time for MDMA sales and usage and reports indicate that users are mostly youngsters.

The majority of the heroin in Central Florida is South American in origin. Heroin is growing at faster rate and has become second largest illicit drug to be consumed in Ocala.

Pain killers and other stimulants are very popular among teenagers, as they are cheaper than any other chemical substance. Thus, Pharmaceutical drugs remain widely available throughout Florida, especially OxyContin and Xanax. OxyContin was the most commonly abused pharmaceutical drug in Florida, but restrictions placed upon OxyContin availability are believed to be responsible for the increase in methadone abuse.

Drug Effects
One can't even imagine that every drug has pronounced effects on every part of the body, especially the central nervous system, which makes it a deadly drug addiction. One major concern about illicit drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc. is its possible effects on young people as they grow up. When young people start using these drugs regularly, they often lose interest and lose motivation for doing their schoolwork and other activities. The effects of these drugs can interfere with learning by impairing thinking, reading comprehension, and verbal and mathematical skills. Research shows that the youngsters do not remember what they have learnt when they are "high". They just start living for that one momentary pleasure.

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