Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida


Orlando - a world of fantasy worlds
Orlando is a prosperous modern Florida city in its own way with excellent museums and performing arts. It is unquestionably the king of theme parks, which offers a fantasy world for all age groups. However, its surrounding area captivates the real magic, where a greater concentration of theme and fantasy parks exists in comparison to any other place in world. Days, or even weeks can be spent enjoying the enormous magical and thrilling parks surrounding Orlando.

In 1971, Walt Disney transformed this city, when he opened Walt Disney World. Since then the city never turned back. Today, there are nearly a dozen of major theme parks and scores of other entertainment facilities, which makes this city a fantastic place to freak out.

Drug Situation
Miami holds a strong control on Colombian narcotics traffickers. Because of its convincing geography, Miami has long been one of the main entry points for illegal drugs into the US. Colombian drug traffickers are the greatest international threat to the Miami Field Division (MFD). Apart from the exciting flavor Miami bestows on the tourists, it is terribly facing a big havoc due to heavy drug trafficking. MDMA and Cocaine are the two primary illicit drugs, which have captured almost every Miami resident.

Bulk quantities of MDMA in the Orlando area are shipped, mailed, or smuggled via courier from Western Europe, usually Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain or the United Kingdom. It has become the easily available illicit drug, which is in highest demands.


Heroin remains readily available throughout Florida, with the highest concentrations in the southern and central parts of the state. Heroin is a serious drug problem in the Orlando metropolitan area. Because of its purity, the new South American heroin can be snorted and smoked and is attractive to those who had shunned it because of the health risks associated with the traditional method of injection.

The majority of the heroin in Central Florida is South American in origin, and Puerto Rico is one of the transshipment points between South America and Orlando. Orlando and Miami are observed as the predominantly primary source of Heroine supply in other areas of Florida. The primary method through which heroin is smuggled into Florida is through the use of couriers on commercial flights.

Methamphetamine abuse continues to rise in the Orlando area, and has been commensurate with an increase in the number of clandestine meth laboratories seized in the area. These labs are growing in Orlando at alarming rate while increasing the problem among teenagers and middle-age people.

Marijuana, both domestically grown and imported, is readily available in bulk throughout the Florida. Marijuana continues to be brought into the Orlando area from the southwest border. It is concealed in hidden compartments in passenger cars and large commercial vehicles, on commercial air flights or within freight shipments also.

Drugs Effects
All types of drugs, including alcohol tend to affect people's mental and physical health more profoundly than any other ill habit. Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroine and MDMA are highly addictive and shows much more powerful effects. They can alter personality, raise blood pressure and cause damage brain damage.

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